Polytope live at LAX Festival, Oct. 17 and 19

Treat your senses to the sonic/visual mandala of Polytope, performed live at the Think Tank Gallery on October 17 and 19 as part of the LAX Festival!

Musicians Erin Barnes, Cory Beers, and Andrew Lessman will join me in performing this work of JI electronic minimalism and live feed video shadow play.

You can get tickets from the LAX Festival website. I hope to see you there!

Think Tank Gallery
939 Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 9001

Polytope coming in March

Excerpt from Polytope:

I’m very excited to announce the premiere of Polytope this coming March! Polytope is a multimedia microtonal performance for MIDI quartet.

To perform Polytope, I’ll be joined by Erin Barnes, Cory Beers, and Andrew Lessoman.

Performed entirely in darkness, it’s a mesmerizing dance of silhouettes of fingers over colorful glowing MIDI buttons, captured on live feed video and projected large and bright as a moving, visual score. Polytope is rhythmically charged in the vein of musical minimalists such as Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, or Arnold Dreyblatt, but harmonically inspired by the microtonal explorations of James Tenney, Erv Wilson, or Harry Partch. The multimedia style of presentation is somewhere between a string quartet, Kraftwerk, James Turrell, and an Indonesian dhalang (master shadow puppeteer).

Three performances of Polytope are scheduled in March:

  • Automata, Los Angeles, March 18
  • Wayward Music Series, Good Shepherd Chapel in Seattle, March 23
  • Center for New Music in San Francisco, March 25.




Refractions at Carlsbad Music Festival 2016!

This Saturday 8/27/16, I will be joined by Jeremy Kerner and the Isaura String Quartet in performing Refractions at the Carlsbad Music Festival! The performance will be at 12:30 at St. Michael’s Chapel. Here is a brief Instagram excerpt of Refractions:

A video posted by Daniel Corral (@spinalfrog) on

Trios for Two Kickstarter

Danny Holt and Molly Gebrian have recorded my Ultramarine, and it will be included in their upcoming Trios for Two album on Innova Recordings! Check out their Kickstarter campaign and consider supporting the album.

Diamond Pulses on LA Artstream!

Tonight at 9:30pm, I will be performing Diamond Pulses live on the Ear Meal Webcast! Tune in at www.laartstream.com

Check out the audio now from Orenda Records‘ Bandcamp page, but be sure to check out the webcast tonight on LA Artstream to see the live feed video projections!

X-Ray Glass

Here are some sound collage pieces I recently put together, using minimalist phase techniques on (mostly) punk rock materials. It’s called X-Ray Glass, continuing my exploration of albums beginning with the letter X.

Diamond Pulses live on Dublab

I recently performed Diamond Pulses live on Dublab’s Elevations Through Sound with Ale Cohen! Follow the link below to hear that show.


You can get the CD or download of Diamond Pulses from Orenda Records.

Diamond Pulses CD release show this Saturday, Sept. 12!!!

This Saturday, September 12, there will be a CD release show at Automata for my new album on Diamond Pulses, with special guests Danny Holt and Mike Robbins!

There will be two shows at 8 and 10pm, and I will perform Diamond Pulses at both. The 8pm show will also feature Mike Robbins and Danny Holt in a rare duo performance of Workers Union, a seminal and uncompromising work of musical minimalism by Dutch composer Louis Andriessen. The 10pm show will feature a performance by Danny Holt of Philip Glass’ Two Pages, an early exploration of additive processes derived from his time working with Ravi Shankar.

Stream the album now from Orenda Records’ Bandcamp page:


Saturday, September 12, 8pm and 10pm
504 Chung King Court
Los Angeles CA 90012

• Workers Union, performed by Danny Holt and Mike Robbins
• Diamond Pulses, performed by Daniel Corral

• Two Pages, peformed by Danny Holt
• Diamond Pulses, performed by Daniel Corral

But tickets online here:


Daniel Corral’s Diamond Pulses is a 32 minute aural experience combining electronic polyrhythms, microtonal tuning systems, classical minimalist influences, and noisy ambiance to open new sonic dimensions. Constantly evolving minimalist grooves recall Terry Riley or Cluster. The microtonal tuning systems recall Harry Partch, James Tenney, or Arnold Dreyblatt. Meanwhile, the counterpoint of noisy washes recalls the sound of ocean waves on the shore.

This performance of Diamond Pulses will feature projections of live video of the piece’s colorful interactive score.


Mike Robbins and Danny Holt will also perform several seminal works of musical minimalism. At 8pm, they will play a duo version of Louis Andriessen’s Workers Union, a minimalist masterpiece written for “any loud sounding group of instruments.” At 10pm, Danny Holt will play “Two Pages” by Philip Glass, an early exploration of additive processes derived from his time working with Ravi Shankar. Robbins is the director of Eighteen Squared, a new music ensemble specializing in the music of Steve Reich. Holt is a virtuosic pianist described as described as “the classical music equivalent of an extreme sports athlete” (The Record).

Danny Holt’s website:

Mike Robbins’ website:

New album Diamond Pulses!

I am excited to announce my new album, Diamond Pulses! Diamond Pulses will be released by Orenda Records on September 12. There will be a release show that day at Automata.

Stream the audio from Bandcamp, then pre-order your copy from Orenda Records!

More info soon!

Diamond Pulses, cover art by Eron Rausch
Diamond Pulses, cover art by Eron Rausch

New concert recordings online

I’ve finally had a chance to upload two concert recordings of premieres from 2014!

Violin and Viola. Premiered November 21, 2014 at MorYork by Story Water
“Progress” by Daniel Corral

PRAYER FOR THE WORLD – 10:00 (2013)
SATB choir and organ. Premiered June 1, 2014 by the All Saints Coventry and Canterbury choirs
“Prayer for the World” by Daniel Corral

Also, check out this electroacoustic piece for music box movement and electronics:

Refractions v1

2015 has been a whirlwind thus far! I’ve been recording Collapse with TDM and playing on the east coast tour, including a show at Joe’s Pub as part of the Prototype Festival.

Unrelated to TDM, here is a new piece I’ve been working on, for music box movement and electronics:


I’m back in LA, and there is a lot brewing, including several shows coming before Thanksgiving. More info soon!

Here is a video for Asterisms, one of the sound installations I made over the last month at the Headlands Center for the Arts.

Asterisms is an interactive sound installation comprised of directional music boxes floating through space. The audience is free to move through the space, winding up any and/or all of the music boxes and discovering aleatoric constellations in their spatial and aural collusions.

AIR at Headlands Center for the Arts

This fall, I’ll be an artist in residence at the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts.

Other than that, lots of things are in development! Getting ready to do some recording with Timur and the Dime Museum, and lots more…