Refractions is a 44 minute electro-acoustic chamber piece that expands on my 10 years of exploring the sonic and sculptural possibilities of music boxes. It will be released as an album by Populist Records! Composed for string quartet, electric guitar, and electronically processed music box, Refractions combines ethereal ambient electronics with contemplative acoustic timbres.

I’m thrilled to have collaborated on Refractions with the Isaura String Quartet, guitarist Jeremy Kerner, and Populist Records. The album features artwork by Bay Area artist Joyce Nojima.

On May 6, 2017, there will be a release show for Refractions! Please join me that evening for a concert featuring a full performance of Refractions, with Jeremy Kerner, the Koan Quartet, and myself. There will also be a performance of traditional Persian and Arabic songs by Rahman Baranghoori and Timothy Maloof.

Refractions cover artwork by Joyce Nojima
Refractions cover artwork by Joyce Nojima

The music box, electric guitar, and string quartet all have rich histories and connotations that span continents and inform how we hear them. Refractions is a musical space in which these sonic lineages can meet and speak a harmonious hybrid musical language.

Here is an Instagram excerpt of Refractions:

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