Sound Map of the Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands sound map
Screenshot of Sound Map of the Marin Headlands

Sound Map of the Marin Headlands is an interactive 4-channel sound installation. It is a schizophonic listening environment in which a collection of geographically-specific field recordings act as a reminder to the viewer/listener to be ever-mindful of the aural environments that surround us.

A computer displaying a map of the Marin Headlands (pictured above) sits in the center of a room. The audience can select any of the points  marked on the map by a purple dot. They will hear a quadraphonic field recording made at the selected location, played through speakers located in each corner of the room.

Stereo examples of field recordings:

BICENTENNIAL CAMP, 10/06/14, 10:34am
“Bicentennial Camp, 10/6/14, 10:34am” by Daniel Corral

MARINCELLO TRAIL, 10/01/14, 2:31pm
“Marincello Trail, 10/1/14, 2:31pm” by Daniel Corral

09/25/14, 11:48am
“Rodeo Beach, 9/25/14, 11:48am” by Daniel Corral

Sound Map of the Marin Headlands was created at the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts in October 2014.