Comma is a piece for electronics and live video projections, which I plan to premiere in spring 2016. It continues work I did with my recent album Diamond Pulses, but with a more accessible harmonic palate. Specifically, it is in a Pythagorean tuning, and the title comes from the Pythagorean comma – which is the distance between the just-tuned fifth and the equal-temperament fifth. These two videos are demos of what it will look and sound like. It was made with a Novation Launchpad Pro.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Refractions is an album-length piece for processed music box, string quartet, and electric guitar. The music box part was composed this last spring. While at I-Park, I composed the string quartet parts to accompany it. The guitar part will be developed collaboratively with guitarist Jeremy Kerner. This SoundCloud file is a demo that includes the processed music box and a MIDI version of the string quartet parts. Please excuse the MIDI sounds, especially the extended technique percussive parts.