Requiem Demos

1. Introit: ECOPHAGY (about people)

2. Kyrie/G.L.O.R.I.A: Goddamn the Atlantic Salmon (about aquaculture)

3. Gradual: House of Moloch (about people)

4. Tract: Pacific Gyre Holiday (about the Pacific Gyre garbage patch)

5. Dies Irae: (about nuclear disasters)

6. Credo: (about mining)

7. Offertory: Leviathan In Exelcis (about oil)

8. Sanctus: Honeybee Come Home (about bee colony collapse disorder)

XXX. Instrumental

9. Agnus Dei: (about war)

10. Lux Aeternae: Fertilize My Heart (about ocean dead zones)

11. Libera Me: (about global warming, rising oceans)

12. In Paradisum: (about the coming ice age)