Ursa Major

I’d like to start a group…

The format of it is still flexible depending on what people are interested in playing, but here’s what I’m imagining right now. The music would be partially acoustic, partially electric. There would be some instrumental tunes and some with vocals. Some would be original, some would be covers. Most of of the originals would be new, but a few might be Dime Museum tunes. Some might be fancy-pantsy written music, while some will be simple 3 chords.

I’d switch around instruments like accordion, keyboard, guitar, uke, autoharp, toy piano. I’d also likely sing some of the songs. I’d love other people to switch around on instruments if they’d like.

If people are up for it, I’d like the group to perform maybe every few months, or occasionally more.

People would be paid, though I’m not sure how much starting off.

Rough demos of some possible original instrumental tunes. Some of them might be good as acoustic tunes, while some might like to stay electric.



Untitled A
Tannoy Mix 1

Uke track Arrangement
Uke track arrangement


Some possible original tunes with vocals

Tailspin 09-03-14

Diamond That Never Shines
Diamond that never shines


Your Storm (a round…)
Your Storm (round)

Some other musical references and possible covers